Training in Phuket Thailand. ──Taipei triathletes making a big progress



(Write by Chang Tuan Chun— The triathlete in University Of Taipei, who has raced excellent all year)



“I came to Phuket, Thailand to train here with my friends. We are all triathlete’s in The Water Development in University Of Taipei. I have been here to Phuket before to train. I felt the way I trained here was amazing, so I decided to come back here this time with several great triathletes to do some more training. We all have the same goal, we want to be better triathlete’s and also to get ready for the second half of this year.



Everyone comes to train at Thanyapura to prepare for the race in October in Kaohsiung. We are all focused on our training sessions everyday, the rest of the day we rest and recover our body. There are a lot of triathlete’s that come here for training, so we have discussions with the coaches and make a good plan for our training so that everyone has the best quality of the training.


The Thanyapura Phuket swimming facilities feature an ozone-filtered Olympic-standard 50-metre pool. Netherland National Team have been training here before.


Although we don’t have the Olympic standard level running track, the 500 meters track is different from others. We can practice more in speed changing and also train for more endurance.


This time I’m here training with my friends, it is different from before when I came here alone. I like to train as a team, back to the time when I was training in Cheng Yuan, I was training as a team, I think it worked well with me to train in a team. Thus, all the players compete against each other, it’s the training function that I like. And I look forward to win as a team, like Hong Kong team and Japanese team.

Now, let’s see my friends in our team !



Zhi Xiang:
56 days training to get ready for the National Games. I hope I can learn different training idea’s here. This time I concentrate more on my swimming. I hope I can do the 1500 meters for the open water swim under 19 minutes.




Xiao Bao:
This is my third time training here. I like the weather here very much. To train with all the best triathletes all over the world, it’s makes me more competitive.
In the 50 days training, I focus more on my cycling. Hopefully I can do my best in the cycling part, and use less time to finish my swim. There are two more weeks to my next race in Taiwan When I get back. It’s just about the time to see the result of training here in Thanyapura.




Wei Kai:
This is my first time training abroad, I feel the facilities and the training quality here at Thanyapura are great. Specially the environment here training with the others. And there are so many world class triathlete’s training with me to make me want to train harder. I’m sure I will learn a lot of new ideas and have great new experiences from training here. Over the two months of training here in Phuket, is to get ready for the National Games. Although my personal training plan hasn’t been smooth, I will try my best to train for it.




Wen Jie:
This is my first time to train in Phuket, to train here is to change, to be better.
I hope I can improve my abilities of my cycling and running. Train to be more competitive in the running and to keep up in the cycling.
We have a great training plan here. And I enjoy the environment of training here. My goal is to do well in the Asian Cup in Hong Kong on the 24th of October this year.




Cheng Tai:
This time I come to train in Phuket is to get ready for the National Games and the Asian Cups in Hong Kong in October. My goal is to get medals in both of them. It’s also to get the international experience for competition. I am focusing on my cycling and running. All the coaches here used to be compete all over the world. We have French Iron Tour Champion , ITU World Duathlon Champion…I hope I can learn from them and try to improve myself.




Zhi Zhen:
This time training in Phuket is to focus on my cycling and running, to improve my skills in the time travel for cycling 5 km. It’s to learn the abilities in how to transition to the other and catch up with the others. Also to improve the transition between the cycling and running. Improve my 3km run time, do it as easy as time travel in a race after the cycling. I’m not only training here, but have also come to learn how the world-class triathletes train. Learn new things.




This is one of our coaches: Paul Amey



Nick hails from Sydney and has over 15 years of experience in pro track and road racing. He helps us a lot in the cycling training with the best quality.



This is our Yoga teacher: Natasha Dillon
We have some different training, just like yoga classes, yoga is good for athlete’s as it increases our flexibility and helps prevent injuries.




Besides the training sessions Let’s do something fun. To play water polo, is a way of training!!!


Triathlon includes swimming, cycling and running. We need to have a good plan to train at all three disciplines well.. Beside the daily training ,it’s good to do some trail running sometimes. It’s more fun and challenging.



Of course, After the 130km cycling we have to do some easy running to relax the body. The tennis player from Russia run’s with us as well, we are all chasing our dream.


Is that what people said they combine of power and beauty? All the athletes are funny like this except when they are training???


Wednesday is the day to run on the track. After the training it’s normal to look like this , you will have the same feeling after this. Without OXYGEN…


This guy does hard training everyday ,but he always does some stupid looking poses for the picture ,he really wants to fly to the sky or the training makes him so tired??


See you in Kaohsiung in October!!!